I want to share one of the real-life incidents which taught me a lifelong lesson.

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Everybody was scared at school because the result of the hardest subject English was gonna announce.

Teacher entered.

Teacher: So results are poor. What’s the matter?

Everybody: Sir we don’t understand anything about English and we all think we should not study English.

Then the teacher said something which is still making me rethink everything.

Teacher: If you want to reject English then first know everything about English then only you can reject it.

At that moment I realized that this advice applies to everything…

I am a great fond of the “Gujarati Thali” and this is my daily food.

For consuming daily you can’t rely on restaurants that cook the best tasty food by adding masalas but choose those which have foods which can be suitable for your body for daily eating.

After going through a lot of restaurants I finalized one and started going there daily.

Food is better than expected and quality is also good. Because of the best food and best hygiene. Sometimes, I am giving 20% — 30% more than what the MRP was for the thali.

Due to this…

Recently I learned that you can make an income through the Facebook instream.

Facebook instream income funnel cover photo

Facebook instream: Facebook in-stream videos offer an opportunity to reach audiences with video ads before and during video on Facebook.

Basically, it’s video ads on video content.

In this article, I will discuss what steps are involved and what I am building.

First, take a look at Facebook in-stream ads eligible countries and languages


The country I am targeting is France and the language is French.

Now we will find TikTok celebrities in that country.

Criteria to follow when shortlisting the creators’ accounts

The creator should…

Every time we look for buying something we always rely upon the reviews from the people who have used it and based on that we can make better decisions about buying that thing.

While we like getting a lot of reviews about the product but reviewing requires a lot of efforts and often we ignore reviewing anything at all even if the thing we have bought delivered the value better than we expected.

Only 10% of the total people who have bought, review it. And chances of giving a negative review is higher than giving a positive one because everybody…

Let me start with my experience with one of the startups to which I applied for the business development job. The main problem they were facing was, their users were not increasing and they tried to re-launch the product after the first failed attempt.

When I got involved they asked me just the blunt question How many users I can onboard within a quarter(3 months)?

Before telling my answer consider this.

There are two kinds of growth

Non-Sustainable Growth: For example getting a spike of growth after smoking money on an advertisement.

Sustainable Growth: User comes from the actions of…

Recently I wrote an app which was the part of the technical interview at one of the startup.

The Game Rules!

The application is a game, where the player can press a button to “Roll a dice”, and get a Random result anywhere between 1 and 6, the Player gets 10 chances to play, and every time the result of the dice roll should get added to the Player’s score. After 10 attempts the player’s results should be logged into the leaderboard. It has to be a Multi-User Application (with Registration and Login Pages)

View the project and GitHub code in here.



Recently I have come across the City Support app and thought about redesigning few screens.

What is City Support?

City Support is an app to get on-demand Home Services, Repair, Maintenance, etc.

As of now, I will redesign only two screens Home Screen and Time selection Screen.

Home Screen

My first thought was to change on the screen is to convey the message of safety to the user in this pandemic time. So I have made the horizontal cards list on the top where safety and other discounts or any other headlines will be updated daily.

The search button will…

Recently I have come across the newly released app called Decibell. I liked the idea and after using it for some time I thought about a few changes which I think can improve the overall user experience.

What is Decibell?

A voice-based microblogging & micro-podcasting platform which makes you express better. Have no more camera fear just speak, share & inspire.

Here my main focus will be to improve User experience rather than the User interface so there I am not changing any kind of color combinations or fonts but trying to improve the overall layouts and hierarchy of the…

PageView with SLider in Flutter app

This is what we are gonna build

A PageView which is integrated with the Slider widget it is simple yet a little bit tricky to make this thing here I assume you are familiar with the PageView.builder widget which can be used to make this layout

Main purposes are

Slider should change the value while swiping pages in pageview and PageView should change page while the value of slider changes.

Full source code is available in Github.

Remembering things by Revision made easy with best Revision app.

Must Read.

Real life Journey.

Recently I developed one app named Notiqo which can give hourly quotes notification.

See that journey.


That app didn't got traction and after sometimes the source API which I used which was 72000+ quotes in collection! was no longer working and it made that app a boring app which just gives same repeatative quotes.

During that time I was thinking of making an app in education category but there are lots of education apps on the Google Play which can give best material or study notes or quizzes… anything you want to read it…

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